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***Contact us if you’re interested in having mulch delivered to your property for free!***

We can usually deliver any amount you need between 1-8 cubic yards,

so don’t hesitate to reach out even if you only need a small amount.

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Mulching the area beneath your trees is one of simplest ways to improve tree health and resistance to pests and diseases. It’s important to use quality mulch and apply it correctly. In Northern Nevada and other areas with arid climates, always use organic mulch for your trees, rather than rocks, plastics, and other types of inorganic materials, which can negatively affect tree health.


Wood chip mulch is the best option for organic mulch. It insulates soil to limit evaporation so more water and nutrients are available to trees. As it breaks down, it adds organic matter and nutrients to soil, improving soil structure. It can also be used to prevent or relieve soil compaction and prevent erosion.


Make sure to spread it evenly between 2-4 inches deep, and keep it a few inches away from touching the tree.

Additonal Resources about Mulching for Trees

Mulches for Nevada Landscapes, by Angela M. O’Callaghan, Area Extension Specialist at University of Nevada Reno Extension

The Myth of Pathogenic Wood Chips, by Linda Chalker-Scott

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