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Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year should I trim my trees?

It depends on the species of tree, its condition, the reason for pruning, and how much material needs to be removed to complete the job. For example, it's best to prune fruit trees in the springtime unless the reason for pruning is to reduce growth, in which case its better to do it during the growing season in spring, summer, or fall. Pine trees shouldn't be pruned between Feb-Sept because the pruning wounds attract Sequoia Pitch Moth. Pruning to improve appearance and clearance is better to do during the summer when dead branches are more obvious and branches are weighted by leaves and fruit.

How much does it cost to trim or remove a tree?

The price ranges due to many factors, and we almost always have to visit the site in order to determine the price. 

What is wrong with my tree?

We are highly skilled in identifying tree species, diagnosing biotic and abiotic disorders, and recommending treatment options. If you have had arborists tell you different things over the years but you're tree still doesn't look right, give us a call.

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